About Colourdrunk – Fine Artist, Steve Pound.

Colourdrunk – Fine Art in Redditch, Worcestershire. The striking Oil Paintings of Artist Steve Pound. Oil Paintings on Canvas by Artist Steve Pound.
Steve Pound’s painting style has been called ‘Surreal, Abstract, Psychedelic, Synaesthetic, Shamanic, Esoteric, Gothic and Cyberpunk,

Bursting with colour the bizarre paintings by Artist Steve Pound tell many a crazy story and will have you twisting your brain as you search for meaning to the madness.

Steve was born in Leamington Spa in 1974 and has been painting with oils for over 35 years. He studied Fine Art and Graphics in the early 1990’s in Warwickshire and has also studied Digital design, print & web design and produces digital work also.

He moved to Redditch shortly afterwards and has created a multitude of artwork. Though mastering and excelling in the use of classic painting techniques he realized they were not fulfilling his hunger for colour, themes and shapes and consequently embarked on a journey that became colourdrunk.

Steve uses synaesthetic processes and techniques while often painting to Music to translate the sunconcious world seen through the minds eye and the music enhances, influences and drives energetic information into the painting. Steve said ‘Painting to Mozart will result in a very different outcome to painting to Motörhead’

Notably Steve Pound is also well known for his  Redditch Watertower Series featuring the famous Redditch landmark in Headless Cross.

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The Apple of Mye Eye


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Oil on Acoustic

Steve also paints on guitars and has painted a synaesthetic piece entitled ‘Oil on Acoustic’. He has begun a second addition to the series entitled ‘Oil on Electric’ which he hopes to complete in 2014.
Oil on Acoustic can be seen on display along with other work by Steve Pound at The Music Shop in the Kingfisher Shopping Centre, Redditch.

Steve took an old battered classic wooden guitar with two strings and sanded off all varnish to paint directly in to the guitar wood.
After the paintings evolution the varnishing process was applied ( using gloss rather than matt ) to enhance detail although matt reduces sheen but unhances detail which Steve opted against after testing on several small but detailed works,

3D Oil Painting

Steve has developed a technique of Anaglyphic 3D Oil Painting ( using red/cyan spex ). He was told by 3D Print specialists that this could not be done by mixing paint and that a computer is required, but Steve is pleased to confirm…YES IT CAN BE DONE! By painting whilst wearing and peering over the 3D specs he achieved a 3D effect with a painting of a teapot. The process caused severe headaches and could not be considered a relaxing technique!

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Painted in Anaglyphic 3D Colour. This Process requires painting with and withoyt the 3d spex on, my mind had to translate… and cmyk/rgb colour mixing principles switching about while painting gives you a new perspective on vision.


Oil Paint – 3D

Steve Pound Official Unveilings – Colourdrunk Art

In 2013 The Mayor of Redditch, Wanda King unveiled ‘Persephone of the Orchard’ painted at and inspired by the Headless Cross orchard.

In 2014 The Mayor Pat Witherspoon unveiled ‘Headless Cross Scarecrow’ at the Headless Cross Orchard.

In 2015 The Mayor Pattie Hill unveiled ‘The Apple of Mye Eye’ at the Headless Cross Orchard Apple Day Festival.

In 2016 Redditch Mayor Joe Baker unveiled ‘King Kong up the Watertower’ at the Headless Cross Orchard Apple Day Festival.

In 2017 Steve Pound was commissioned by Redditch Maclean MP to create an oil on canvas featuring the Redditch Watertower as a flying saucer over the Houses of Parliament.

In 2018 In 2015 The Mayor Jenny Wheeler unveiled ‘Hail to the Snail’ at the opening of the ‘Animals’ Art exhibition at the Palace Theatre in Reddich.

In 2018 Redditch MP Rachel Maclean unveiled a painting by the artist which will hang on the walls of parliament in Westminster.

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Steve Pound is a regular exhibitor at Arts in Reddith – Pop Up Gallery which happens twice a year in the Kingfisher Shopping Centre in Redditch. Steve also exhibits in the Palace theatre and other venues.
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