Redditch Watertower Series

Colourful Artist Steve Pound from takes the famous Redditch Watertower located in Headless Cross in the town which can be seen for miles and miles around. Steve Pound transforms the iconic Redditch landmark into an explosion of urban surreality, psychedelic sensations and positive madness in this mindbending fine art series…


Watertower Fever:

It’s Redditch’s water tower as you’ve never seen it – and it’s just landed in a pop-up gallery in the Kingfisher Shopping Centre.
The iconic landmark has become so much of an obsession for artist Steve Pound that he’s turned it into a spaceship, an alien craft, a fishing platform, “King Kong’s Skyscraper” and much more….
“The water tower is a very Redditch thing and was just begging for things to be done with it,” said Steve, who has lived in the town for more than twenty five years.
Now a selection of the 43-year-old’s unique ‘Water Tower Series’ has featuried in the pop-up gallery organised by Arts in Redditch in the Kingfisher Shopping Centre. “I started with a few ideas and it’s just mushroomed from there,” said Steve.
“The thing about our water tower is that it’s crying out to be a flying saucer and I thought one day I will get this thing off the ground and see where it take me.”
Steve has developed the theme using both oils on canvas but also digital art, enabling him to marry a variety of techniques to produce stunning, and “Very Redditch” , works of art.
One such is his take on global warming, featuring, of course, the water tower….

“The sea in the picture is actually a photo I took of Weymouth Bay, and it just fascinates me to take an image and turn it into reality,”
said Steve.
“Global warming is such a concern – the picture shows Redditch after the seas have risen showing just the water tower left of our town.” Steve studied fine art at college and has made frequent returns to education to keep up to date with the latest techniques and technology, allowing him to branch out into all areas: “from pigment to pixels”.